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LL 22401 (with UV)0.08-0.11High stiffness blown films, blending, Lamination/ film
LL 22402 (with UV)1.8-2.1For use in lean and rich blend blown film application such as overwrap, counter bags, shrink film and boil in the bag applications, Artificial grass
LL0209AA0.9Green house film, Silage film, Hand bags and general purpose film applications.
LL225010.95Blown film grade
LL0220AA2.4Light and medium duty films, Stretch film
22502AA/22502KJ1.80Blown film grade, General purpose, Agricultural applications
22501AA/22501KJ0.95Blown film grade
205055General purpose
165033cast stretch film grade
165022.0Cast Film,General purpose,Stretch Wrapping
14ZF80.75Blown film, Small pipe extrusion, Agricultural lateral-dripping pipes
14Y011.1Blown film grade, Thin film
14XF90.9Film grade for lamination
14X010.95Blown film grade
12YF60.60Blown film grade, Liner
12X010.95Blown film grade
11YF60.6Lamination, High Clarity
11X022.0Blown film grade
11X010.95Blown film grade
10Y022.2Cast film grade, hexene HP-LLDPE film resin, Core layer in coextruded films
MD-09X022.2Cast film grade, Stretch wrapping application
LL0220KJ0.24Light and medium duty films with good optical properties.